Facebook Funny Fight 2

"Facebook Funny Fight”
'2012: Man - World, the last round"
The contest "Man-world, last round" is starting April 1st 2011 and ending December 31st.
The evaluating commission, composed by professional humorists and smile champions, will consider every work for  technical, graphic, linguistic difficulty and its content for analysis and synthesis of reality, actuality, originality, courage, detailed realization, heroic expressivity.
Final evaluation will be definitively influenced by Facebook users, and based on every post sent (like, comment, share).
Every author can take part with a maximum of 3 works, posted on Facebook and realized by any technique: drawing, collage (scanned), photo, video, link.
The works' size must be reduced and posted on Facebook to the profile: Caus contest

Every post has to be completed with a text no longer than the actual space for writing (five lines). It will be not possible to open the bottom space to read the rest.
Each author can send 3 posts each one having different content or the same ironical thought in common. In this case the author must indicate 1st, 2nd3rd part.
Posts whose content is vulgar, indecent, not respectful, clearly offending human values, and not respecting Facebook policy, photo, video, links, with minors images of minors, violating privacy or not authorized will be cancelled.
The winner will not receive any prize in money, valuables, stocks, luxuries,
because of the economic crises.
Great result will be given to the works more voted on specialised media on internet by January15th, 2012.
Best works will be permanently published on Facebook in PDF on the website  and on the blog “Crazed Supporters of the Caus”, by Piero Ferraris
Visit the website at the section Palma ( downloading the section one of Facebook one hundred and fifty years and willing to joke or click the link on Facebook

Facebook helps to reconnect and be in touch you with the comic of your life."
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